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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating St. Final Report and Working Papers. Final Report and Documents. Commentary on Working Paper B-2 a Bixler. Notes on the Role of Libraries in a Developing Country: Objectives, FunctionsServices, Infrastructure. The Acquisition of Library Materials from the U. Commentary on Working Paper B-5 a Gordillo. Estructura, recursos y financiamiento de las bibliotecas mexicanas Zamora.

La ensenanza de la biblioteconomia en Mexico. Comentario a la Ponencia B-7 a Nadurille. The Acquisition of Mexican Materials Zubatsky. Fondo documental del Archivo Nacional de Asunci6n, Paraguay. Informe sobre las publicaciones oficiales de Venezuela Montalvo. Las publicaciones oficiales de America Latina: Bibliografia de "bibliografias chilenas, C-8 Herrera.

Las publicaciones oficiales en Colombia C-9 Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating. Johnson Procedures for the acquisition of Latin American library materials vary considerably from library to library, depending upon variable administrative factors and formalized arrangements with Latin American suppliers.

A specialist exclusively selecting titles from available bibliographic sources cannot develop large and expanding contemporary Latin American library collections because doing so ignores the current developmental state of Latin America, an area beset by rapid change, and relative bibliographic disorgan- ization. With few reservations the system periodically requires a thorough reassessment of sources and book dealers--an essential Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating for continued procurement Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating materials, and one virtually impossible to conduct through the mails.

Depending upon Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating smoothness of operations, the desiderata file and availability of travel funds, buying trips should be undertaken when conditions indicate a need. The institution and the interaction of the library should determine and justify the broad bases of the expenditure. This paper is to explore the conceptualization of library field work in Latin America, starting from existing options and extending into the organizational methodology employed in this facet of Latin American library acquisition programs.

Latin Amierican library materials are obtainable through a variety of conven- tional acquisition programs. Given the library's commitment to its patrons as well as the relative weight assigned Latin Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating vis-V-vis other areas, such programs generally meet Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating requirements especially of smaller libraries.

Invariably some commercial relations exist between the North American library and Latin America, albeit only through a fewmajor book dealers in the principal countries and gift and exchange programs.

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Helpful suggestions were received from Dr. Nettie Lee Benson, Mr. Carl Deal and Mr. Lee Williams for which the author wishes to express his Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating. Sig- nificant materials are not being obtained because of the absence of either local book Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating or else agents to secure the publications at the point of origin.

Basic distributional problems coupled with the elusive nature of Latin American publications conapelled many libraries and librarians to seek new methods. These circumstances spawned a new institutionalized approach to acquisitions and selection- -the Latin Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating Cooperative Acquisition Prograna. Participat- ing libraries delegated LACAP the responsibility of selecting and shipping mater- ials according to predetermined specifications.

The initial growth and success of this program awakened both Latin American book dealers and entrepreneurs as well as North American librarians to the problenas and potentials of directly acquiring library materials. Usually such plans are administered directly, although of course LACAP incorporates the blanket order approach but within a different administra- tive framework. The blanket order brings the library and the dealer into a direct working relationship of mutual trust.

Collection profiles naust be reason- ably flexible yet specifically detailed enough to ensure acquiation of desired materials with a minimum of discards.

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A finely drawn profile, frequently reviewed and ammended, in theory relieves the librarian of selection duties, assigning vendors and missing publications altogether due to insufficient infor- mation or none whatsoever.

Automatic receipt and careful selection naturally depends entirely upon the reliability of the local dealer who must maintain his own contacts in the market- place and assess materials against collection Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating de ingavi resumen yahoo dating. This is no mean under- taking in any part of the world; in Latin America it may border upon the impos- sible. While the blanket order agreement should clearly stipulate selection guidelines, quality control is a highly subjective matter Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating de ingavi resumen yahoo dating may in fact defy some basic premises of the plan.

Greater success is ensured with those dealers whose orientation is both bibliographic and scholarly and whose financial foun- dation is solid. Duplicate copies, either through faculty record management or receipt from another source, cannot help but to advance the cost of blanket order plans. The confusion of new impressions, editions and reprints of materials already held by the library is not easily corrected, if indeed, it can be at all.

Frequently a dealer may not wish to risk a situation involving out-of-print material while a library checks its holdings. Therefore, duplicate copies are inevitable and should be calculated as part of the per unit cost in both purchasing and adminis- trative processing. B-1 a Blanket orders abnegate the librarians control over collection developnaent when contrasted with a policy of individual book selection and purchasing.

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While collection control is indeed left uncompromised, it can nevertheless be only as good as Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating sources of bibliographic infornaation.

For certain Latin American countries, the absence or inadequacy of a national bibliogrpahy is well known; dealers' listings cannot fully substitute them. Frequent changes in publishing programs and the emergence of new ones, often noticed a year or more later, mean a lengthy search for out-of-print titles.

As with blanket orders, individual ordering depends upon Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating dealers willing and able to handle foreign orders. While the largest are well known, many potentially good dealers are only found through trial- -international lists or a field trip.

Finally individual ordering must presuppose a competent indi- vidual to select and a staff to prepare and send orders; retention of subject specialists is an expensive commitment, but an essential one for a Latin American library developnaent program.

The final method traditionally utilized for securing imprints is the subscrip- tion, which again depends upon Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating agency or an individual to service it in those instances when either the library or the publisher does not Batalla Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating ingavi resumen yahoo dating to become involved with foreign orders. Unfortunately, the irregularity of some periodicals and numbered monographic series, as well as the changes in issuing bodies, make subscriptions highly suspect.

Their success, especially if placed with an agency, depends upon field agents; otherwise, claims may go unanswered.

Placement of subscriptions assists in defining blanket orders and in reducing appreciably for certain countries individual selecting responsibilities. The ineffectiveness of these traditional acquisition methods is daily apparent with Latin American materials. Cooperative programs and blanket orders Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating criticized for acquiring extraneous publications, partially disregarding collec- tion profiles, and Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating a relatively high per unit cost.

Even though some important titles may not be supplied, good agents will obtain imprints long before a bibliographic citation. What further inhibits effectiveness is the ability of a book dealer to supply not only normal "trade" titles, but also government documents, maps, record- ings, music scores, etc. Establishing business and scholarly relations is not easy because few dealers of this kind exist, and those stores holding the poten- tial for such foreigct service are not widely known among North American libraries.

For libraries without blanket order plans or in the process of Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating organizing acquisition programs, the search for reliable foreign dealers is long and costly. Direct ordering usually revolves around either selection from a dealer's list or submission of orders Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating in other sources.

The latter necessitates larger stocks, thorough knowledge of national publishing programs and a ser- vice orientation. Where local purchases account for a high percentage of total sales, maintaining retrospective stock and personnel to Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating titles may not 8 Working Paper no.

B-1 a justify such Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating service strictly commercially. North American librarians are constantly searching for those dealers favorably balancing commerce and ser- vice, with the Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating obviously Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating the greater weight!

However, until per- sonal appraisal may be exercised, both of the manager and the store, librarians are left to their visions and correspondence for assessment. Thus a plateau is reached from which a buying trip is most profitably undertaken in a strictly technical sense. But the primary justification must rest within the collection itself- -whether or not its quantitative and qualitative growth can be appreciably imiproved through field work.

A large desiderata file characterized by negative answers is also a contributing influence. The librarian, through personal visits to issuing Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating and publishers, can often reduce such files.

One must also consider the vast array of government documents, quasi-official publications and other publications normally not handled through book dealers.

Purchase and arrangements for subscriptions are often best dealt with through personal contact. Another factor is far less tangible: These "finds" include original manuscripts, complete runs of serials, and important collec- tions, in addition to the discovery of new publishing programs and the estab- lishment of communication links Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating institutions and individuals.

Traveling Latin American bibliographers may find their operations circumscribed by such official acts. By necessity field operations are planned months in advance. The amount of funding predetermines the length of stay and the overall ambitions of the trip, homefront considerations not withstanding.

Itineraries must be carefully planned and optimum advantage taken of each day. Forethought on holidays is advisable, especially during Christmas and Holy Week when many offices are closed or operate with skeleton staffs. Equally as important is the division of time between capitals and provincial cities.

Depending upon the size of the country and the relative importance of the secondary cities to the capital, one should be able to allot a reasonable though not undue araount of time to each city. Review of publishing progranns particularly university and other research- oriented bodies and lists of book stores are good criteria for Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating decision.

National capital cities require the greatest proportion of time for purchase of nnost materials. In large countries provincial capitals will usually support publishing progr ams--univer sitygovernment or private.

Availability of their imprints in the capital is dependent upon basic distribution patterns; therefore, it can be of immeasurable value to establish contacts at the source particularly if exchange programs are desired.

Should difficulties arise resulting in nonreceipt of imprints the librarian can then renew contact through a local Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating or else one in the national capital. Costs naturally are expected to rise. B-1 a Further advanced work may be handled through correspondence with book dealers, librarians and a variety of personal contacts recommended by one's faculty. Succinct outline of the trip's objectives and overall scope given to these individuals can do much to save time and formalize the Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating of contacts desired.

Fur thernnor ebook dealers will Batalla de ingavi resumen yahoo dating able to assemble pertinent facts regarding the existing business relationship, thereby per- mitting a freer exchange between both parties.

Organization of the desiderata list varies considerably according to personal preference. All should contain as complete bibliographic inforraa- tion as possible. On buying trips physical format of desiderata lists is an important consideration. Such lists, often pages in length, tend to overwhelm small book dealers; in larger stores these lists cannot be divided easily among clerks for checking the stock either physically or through card files.

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