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Sexy cat makeup tutorial


The best thing about the trick-or-treat holiday is that this is the only day of the year, when you can set your wildest makeup fantasies free and go out to the street Sexy cat makeup tutorial a wicked witch, a famous cartoon hero or a character escaped from your most horrific nightmares!

And Sexy cat makeup tutorial yes, we do love every little bit about these art-infused makeup imaginations, since they definitely color our lives and inject a high dose of excitement into the gloomy fall days!

In case you seem to no longer have any bright Halloween makeup Sexy cat makeup tutorialhave a nosey at our coolest Catwoman makeup tutorial for Halloween!

sexy cat halloween costumes for...

For an easy and less time-consuming Catwoman makeup look, you can simply pick a black mask and wear it, after you are done with the primary makeup look. So here are the steps of the Catwoman Halloween makeup tutorial! Like in the case of any ordinary makeup look, here too you should start from the base, that is your face. Wash your face gently, apply a toner and go for the makeup base.

Apply the right foundation according to your skin type and tone and sculpt your face with Sexy cat makeup tutorial and blush. Sexy cat makeup tutorial a light brown eye pencil draw the cat eye around your eyes. Sexy cat makeup tutorial, with Sexy cat makeup tutorial black eye pencil draw the contour of the mask. Fill the mask in with the same pencil. Using black eyeliner, contour the edges of the mask, making them sharp and perfect.

Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Now, Sexy cat makeup tutorial the color with a black eyeshadow. Then, blend the lines with the same black eyeshadow to your forehead above each eye.

Apply a black cream eyeshadow to your lids. Blend the colors with a warm brown shade and then with an orange eyeshadow. Sexy cat makeup tutorial black eyeliner and wing it to the inner corner of your eyes. Emphasize your waterline with a white cream eyeshadow. Contour your Sexy cat makeup tutorial with a true red lip liner.

Apply a dark red lipstick.

Quick & Easy Halloween Cat...

Finish off your lip makeup with a translucent powder for a completely matte effect! So your stunning Catwoman Halloween makeup is ready! Catwoman Makeup Tutorial for Sexy cat makeup tutorial. Armine is the founder of Fashionisers. When she's not busy examining Sexy cat Sexy cat makeup tutorial tutorial latest fashion trends and news, she's exploring a new style for herself or is pursuing new adventures and dreams.

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