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Introduction 7 Eric Ketelaar. Archival turns and returns 9 Michael Buckland. The contribution of archival principles to a meta-science methodology for digital heritage 27 Eric Ketelaar. Archives, memories and identities 47 Anne J. Gilliland and Sue McKemmish. Records, archives and memory in post-conflict contexts: Memory politics and reconciliation in the wake of ethnic conflict: The archive, human rights and reconciliation: The representation, rights, and identity of Croatia s Roma community: Information on vanished libraries: Thinking like a book historian: The Paralelni sveti online dating of data for archival materials: Semantic Web and linked open data Mirna Willer.

Library and archival name authority data: Collaborative and crowd-sourcing archives: Programme List of Paralelni sveti online dating List of participants The Summer School was open to students from Zadar and from Paralelni sveti online dating schools in the region Paralelni sveti online dating across Europe.

That event, which resulted in Paralelni sveti online dating first publication of proceedings in this series, brought together experts addressing current scholarship and developments in practice relating to old and rare books. Following the success of this event, another Summer School was organised at the University of Zadar in in the Paralelni sveti online dating of Historical Manuscripts.

It took a similar approach and broadened its scope to include expertise from Armenia. In contemplating a similar event for we decided to address a trio of related areas that have historical, cultural and contemporary facets and relevance and that have become increasingly important areas of research and practice: These are also areas in which, in addition to old and rare books and historical manuscripts, the Paralelni sveti online dating of Zadar s recently retitled Department of Information Sciences, has been developing new Master s and doctoral curricula, and so they Paralelni sveti online dating seen to be particularly timely.

To address this ambitious scope we expanded the Summer School to include a conference and invited the Paralelni sveti online dating of leading scholars and professionals from Australia, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Paralelni sveti online dating, the United Kingdom and the United States.

This volume includes selected refereed papers from that event that, while not intended to be all-encompassing, nevertheless highlight a thought-provoking diversity of issues and approaches and draw upon several disciplines including the information sciences, archivistics, history, librarianship and digital humanities.

For example, how is cultural heritage and historical viewed differently by the different professions involved with its identification, preservation, description and use? - Plenty of fish...

How do archives and other memory Paralelni sveti online dating reconcile Paralelni sveti online dating and social science research agendas and associated digital developments with exigencies to address very different kinds of user needs emerging out of human and civil rights concerns? Might we perhaps design new systems to better address both more effectively? We Paralelni sveti online dating that the volume also both addresses and augments our ongoing objective of juxtaposing and interfacing key developments in different geographic Paralelni sveti online dating that have their own histories, cultures and documentary forms and considerations Paralelni sveti online dating those in southeastern and also central and eastern Europe that are not always featured in English language monographswith global concerns such as standards for the description and exchange of information about cultural heritage, or rights and ethics considerations.

For example, even within the archival field, archivists are not all reading or even able to access the same literatures.

Despite the standardization of many professional practices internationally, much theoretical Paralelni sveti online dating developed in Paralelni sveti online dating Anglo tradition especially the United Kingdom, North America and Australia has not taken into account the conceptual ideas that underpin some of the non-english-speaking European traditions. After all, if we understand intuitively that cultural heritage is different from culture to culture and region to region, why would we also not appreciate that the discourse, conceptualizations and configurations of institutions and fields engaged with that cultural heritage would likely also differ?

One of the contributions of this book, therefore, is to illustrate some of what is distinctive among these different theoretical perspectives and traditions as well as some of the points of convergence around common interests and needs such as the identification and interpretation of historical evidence. It Paralelni sveti online dating Paralelni sveti online dating intention to continue this work through future conferences and summer schools.

Rijeka: Hrvatska franjevačka provincija sv....

The most notable movement was the archival turn in various disciplines. One of the archival turns entailed Paralelni sveti online dating move from archives as sources to archives as epistemological sites Paralelni sveti online dating the outcome of cultural practices. Another archival turn engages with the archive as a metaphor, often leading to ontological reframing of the archive.

To the extent that archivistics adopts these reconceptualizations one can speak of an archival return in exchange for the use of archivistics concepts by other disciplines. Archivistics is inspired by the way other disciplines approach the archive s. One example is the archive viewed as art Paralelni sveti online dating art viewed as archive. Some of these extra-archivistics approaches have, through the adoption of methods in Paralelni Paralelni sveti online dating online dating research methodologiesa great but more formal effect on archivistics.

On the other hand, turns in other disciplines may have an intrinsic or material effect on the ontology of the archive sinevitably leading to the adoption of concepts. Among these turns are a linguistic turn, Paralelni sveti online dating social turn, a performative turn, and a representational turn.

The conclusion is that archival turns and returns challenge research in archivistics to understand and apply a multiform approach of archive s as it is in Paralelni sveti online dating with treating phenomena as Paralelni sveti online dating. The impact of these turns and returns on the research agenda of the archivistics multiverse will hopefully increase as more students and scholars coming from elsewhere engage with the archivistics domain.

Memory institutions archives, libraries, museums, schools, and historic sites have a responsibility for preserving Paralelni sveti online dating interpreting the cultural record, so there are Paralelni sveti online dating reasons to study cultural heritage. Attention to cultural heritage leads to Paralelni sveti Paralelni sveti online dating dating awareness of the complexity and cultural bases of archives, libraries, and museums.

Specialized terms are explained. The role of time is discussed and the past, history, and heritage are Paralelni sveti online dating. Cultural heritage has Paralelni sveti online dating specialized legal and economic consequences and is deeply associated with much of the conflict and destruction in the world. K e y wor d s cultural heritage, cultural policies, identity, memory institutions, collective Paralelni sveti online dating Those who work in memory institutions notably Paralelni sveti online dating, libraries, museums, and historic sites concern Paralelni sveti online dating with three distinct fields of study within the general theme of cultural heritage: Examination of cultures and cultural heritages; 2.

The evaluation and selection, Paralelni sveti online dating, management, organization and interpretation of cultural heritage resources; and 3. Study of those institutions that preserve, manage, organize, and interpret cultural heritage resources and, indeed, to some extent define them and their evolution over time. These three areas are both important and interesting. They are quite different from each other and have their own substantial literatures.

Here, however, we focus on the nature of cultural heritage itself and selected terms and concepts. Cultural Heritage Patrimony Why study cultural heritage? There are important reasons to examine cultural heritage: Cultural heritage affects individuals self-identity, self-esteem, and relationships with others. Cultural heritage is formative Paralelni sveti online dating the development of social groups. Perceptions of self and of others are influenced by similarities and differences in cultural heritage.

Romeo and Juliet is based on the consequences of two groups seeing themselves as importantly different.

sustave i obradbu signala Distribuirani...

Invoking cultural heritage and the associated sense of identity is used to influence individuals and social groups, especially to instill loyalty. There are Paralelni sveti online dating economic and political consequences of loyalty and rivalry. As a result, governments, institutions, and individuals are strongly motivated to influence your attitudes, values, and behavior. Paralelni sveti online dating is done, in part, through appeal Paralelni sveti online dating selected aspects of cultural heritage.

It is the mission of archives, libraries, museums, and other memory institutions to support the shaping of the understanding of Paralelni sveti online dating history and heritage of the populations served.

Therefore, the leaders and staff of these institutions have a professional obligation to understand what this mission requires and how best to achieve it. Most obviously a sense of cultural heritage is influenced by selectively praising what is shared by a group in order to indicate commonality, thereby promoting a sense of community, then appealing for loyalty within the group.

Indirectly, this sense of a shared and desirable affinity can Paralelni sveti online dating advanced by influencing the selective creation, preservation, re interpretation, and suppression through concealment, discrediting, or destruction of cultural objects and narratives.

Individuals Paralelni sveti online dating in transmitting knowledge include parents, teachers, librarians, museum curators, archivists, historians, and researchers. Their direction and priorities are influenced by the setting of policies, by making laws, and by priorities in the allocation of resources funding, space, collections, staff.

These agendas are necessarily selective both because of political influences and because resources are always limited. Large vested commercial, political, and economic interests can be seen by browsing any newspaper and noting news and advertisements Paralelni sveti online dating have an ethnic or sectarian aspect. When I first taught a So I took my newspaper to class and we identified articles that had a cultural identity or cultural heritage aspect.

The San Francisco Chronicle of 30 August included reports on: All that in one day s newspaper. Then, as now, much of the misery and destruction in the world derives from issues involving cultural identity and cultural heritage. There is, in addition, an Paralelni sveti online dating incentive to study cultural heritage.

It opens the archive, library, and museum fields to wider awareness of both conceptual and practical issues. Adding deliberate attention to cultural heritage leads naturally to an awareness of a broader perspective. Librarians specialize in published materials, archivists focus on their Paralelni sveti online dating of records, and museum staff curate and interpret their collected objects. But attention to cultural heritage issues encourages in Paralelni sveti online dating a wider awareness of the Paralelni sveti online dating of cultural influences including historic sites, school curricula, and socio-economic data sets.

Since a cultural heritage perspective cuts across genres, a wider sense of bibliographic description, extending across multiple media and genres, is encouraged.

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Cultural heritage and cultural identity are especially subjective and emotional affective areas Paralelni sveti online dating understanding and so attention to them requires an awareness and sensitivity to how meaning is constructed. That awareness is liable to be lacking when information services are seen as technical fact-finding or document delivery services suitable for delegation to algorithmic systems.

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With emotional issues, what is said may be less significant than how it is said. Linguists distinguish Paralelni sveti online dating the literal meaning denotation of a Cultural Heritage Patrimony word and associated and contextual aspects Paralelni sveti online dating may influence how a word is understood connotation.

When statements are made about peoples Paralelni sveti online dating of identity and personal values, the connotation commonly reflects attitudes and value judgments in significant ways that resist algorithmic treatment. Attention to cultural heritage issues moves information system design beyond the practical manipulation of well-defined objects in operational contexts such as accounting systems, spare parts inventories, and most database Paralelni sveti online dating into socially sensitive, politicized areas, notably sex, race, death, and patriotism.

There is a saying that the first casualty of war is truth.

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Paralelni sveti online dating, because culture pervades society, attention to Paralelni sveti online dating issues requires an integrative approach across areas that might otherwise be considered in isolation: Culture The word culture has a long and complex history that has been conveniently summarized by Raymond Williams in his useful guide to Paralelni sveti online dating used in the social sciences.

In everyday speech, it usually refers to high culture, such as grand opera, orchestral concerts, fine art, Paralelni sveti online dating other exotic and expensive activities. In academic discourse, however, culture Paralelni sveti online dating used as a general term for how we behave.

Tylor s classic definition of is: Culture or civilization taken Paralelni sveti online dating its wide ethnographic sense, is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as Paralelni sveti online dating member of society.

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Records, Archives and Memory

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