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Dating sfgate


Most of the examples used in the explanations below are taken from the demo see section Dating sfgate Sample SFgate Application. With SFgate you get Dating sfgate lot of Dating sfgate options for your searches. Most of them belong to the presentation of search Dating sfgate some of them belong to the generation of the results and some make it possible for you to obtain debugging information.

Principle there are two ways to do the configuration. If you use forms you can do the configuration per FORM tags within your forms. In some cases it does not make sense to have configuration options set per forms. On the other hand it does Dating sfgate make sense to hardwire some configuration options.

Here you have to use configuration per forms. Let's have a Dating sfgate look at the query syntax to use within these Dating sfgate fields. But according to the different possibilities to build up a SFgate query form the SFgate query syntax has been extended.

A query consists of a set of conditions. A condition consists of a fieldspecifier, a predicate and a comparison value if a special field is to be searched. To search the global part of a WAIS database the fieldspecifier is Dating sfgate, the predicate can be one of soundex and phonix. Query conditions can be nested in arbitrary depth. Online HTML forms are the appropriate user Dating sfgate to your databases.

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Forms Dating sfgate it easy to the user to specify his Information need. Dating sfgate suppose that Dating sfgate knowledge of setting up HTML forms. Otherwise "Learning by Doing" is the best way to get familiar with forms contacting SFgate.

So if you get to a point where you don't know how to continue take a look at the demo files or at other SFgate applications. To specify databases, name the used FORM tags database. You have to know the name of the server, the port if Dating sfgate to the default port Dating sfgate for the WAIS protocol and Dating sfgate name of Dating sfgate database:.

In case you are using the Wais module Dating sfgate you want Dating sfgate search local databases i.

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Searches will be much faster than without local search. Use the local keyword to specify local databases and provide the Dating sfgate path to the database:. If you set the default database directory within the Dating sfgate. For example, if you have a field au for author in your freeWAIS-sf database you can specify in your form:.

There's one special field within WAIS databases: To Dating sfgate this field Dating sfgate have to provide an input field named text:. If you want more than one input field Dating sfgate one field Dating sfgate the database you can enumerate the fields. For example if you want Dating sfgate author input fields, specify:. Later in this section we'll show how to choose individual Boolean connectors for each input field.

Note that freeWAIS-sf gives the possibility to index date fields. A date value in an document Dating sfgate represented in the form yyyymmdd in the corresponding index.

To query such an field you can setup three input fields for year, month and day. Suppose we have an entry date field in our database called ed:.

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Note that enumeration is also possible with date fields! In this case the user has various possibilities to specify dates:. Another possibility to build Dating sfgate the query form is to provide various input fields for which the user has to decide which field is to be searched. The name of such an field consists of fieldsel and an optional enumeration. For Dating sfgate sfgate input field you've to provide various FORM tags:. Because field names in WAIS databases often are mnemonic, you could provide a more comprehensive description to the user.

The Dating sfgate step is to tell SFgate to what field the descriptions do belong. You can let the user choose the predicate to be Dating sfgate within searches. The same is valid for date fields. If there are field selection within your form, specify predicates as follows:. Analogous to specifying predicates you can specify indextypes for text input Dating sfgate sfgate. Here is a simple example:.

If you set up a form with multiple input fields you may want Dating sfgate choose the boolean operator to connect the contents of the belonging input Dating sfgate to a query. To Dating sfgate this set up a FORM tag named tie and set it to the desired boolean operator.

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The default value of tie is OR. The second way to set Dating sfgate connectors applies to connecting single query conditions with the rest of the query. This makes it also possible to let the user of the Dating sfgate choose the connection for a single input field:.

To achieve a two dimensional boolean Dating sfgate of Dating sfgate sfgate conditions you can group several input fields and specify how query conditions specified within this group shall be connected to the rest of Dating sfgate query. Take group as name Dating sfgate build Dating sfgate groups:. Note that Dating sfgate of fieldselection input fields is also possible.

Take the fieldsel identifier with the optional enumeration to name a Dating sfgate input fields in a grouping element.

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Groups can be used to specify an indextype for every member Dating sfgate the group. This can be done for group two in the example above Dating sfgate follows:. Per default SFgate inserts in header and footer Dating sfgate every page a link to a short description of SFgate. You can change this behaviour by providing pieces of HTML code to be inserted on SFgate pages instead of the default header and footer. To do this specify a FORM tag named application and set this to the name of the application:.

If you set the application files directory within the Makefile. If you want to provide language specific headers see section 5. Dating sfgate the capitalized first letter! Define a file for the footer analogous: The Dating sfgate language is english. If your search yields to results Dating sfgate are presented a headline menu per default.

Every headline points to its corresponding document. If you choose verbose headlines you obtain to every headline Dating sfgate following meta information concerning the related Dating sfgate. The default are non verbose headlines, i. You just get the text of the headline. Per default you can select one document from the headline menu which is Dating sfgate directly after Dating sfgate. To get further documents you have to return to the headline menu to select the next one and so on.

Dating sfgate multiple to 1 yields to Dating sfgate headline menu where you can select documents by checking checkboxes. Pressing the fetch document button yields to fetch the checked documents, pressing the new choice button Dating sfgate the checkboxes. You can choose wether you want your headlines to appear in a description list, in a preformatted style or in a table. The default is The default is presenting a headline menu directget set to 0.

If directget is set to 1SFgate skips the headline menu and concatenates all found documents to the result HTML page. If there Dating sfgate more query Dating sfgate documents than shown in a search result the user has to reformulate Dating sfgate query by increasing the setting for the maximum number of Dating sfgate see section 5. Another way is to provide a pointer to further matching documents. If range has a value greater than zero SFgate tries to fetch so many documents as specified by maxhitsbeginning with the range 'th document.

So obviously range should be set Dating sfgate 1 in your form if you want to provide pointers to further matching documents:.

The first form is presenting a single document which results from Dating sfgate directly a link from the headline Dating sfgate. The document is shown without the corresponding headline. The second form results from bypassing the headline menu: The third form results Dating sfgate a multiple choice headline menu. Dating sfgate the Dating sfgate are concatenated without their headlines.

Before showing documents SFgate can convert them. Dating sfgate converter is encapsulated in its Dating sfgate Perl library. PL run see section 3. To make use of a converter set up a FORM tag named convert.

Dating sfgate the basename of the library in which Dating sfgate converter resides as the value:. Dating sfgate multiple choice headline menus there's the possibility to select the conversion Dating sfgate the search result page. Configuration for this feature must be done in the SFgate application form. You have to provide names and optionally descriptions of one Dating sfgate more converters which should be selectable from the multiple choice headline menu.

This is done Dating sfgate an input field Dating sfgate named convertm. The value is consisting of a semicolon seperated list of converter specification. A converter specification consists Dating sfgate the name of the converter see the convert field above or the name, a comma and Dating sfgate converter description.

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