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181 eddy street san francisco ca


Last weekend on April 17th my friend paid for bottle service to celebrate her birthday at Suite One8one. Many friends and family flew in to celebrate my friends birthday. We chartered a party bus to drive us to the club safely. When we arrived they had a security guard escort us across the street like we were children. Once we arrived, security at the door made up a lie and said, someone in our party had a bottle of whisky.

None of us had whisky 181 eddy street san francisco ca our possession but, we were refused to enter the club.

Citadel SF. Not for me,...

Two of the people with us are Attorneys and they politely asked for the club owner to come down and give us an explanation. Security 181 eddy street san francisco ca to give us the owners name, refused to serve us and the owner did 181 eddy street san francisco ca come out. They 181 181 eddy street san francisco ca street san francisco ca, if we didn't leave he would signal the police to arrest us.

He signaled the police but, the police ignored him. We weren't doing anything wrong, the security guards were the ones needing to be arrested. Luckily, I filmed this entire incident which I will post on Youtube, Facebook and any other media outlet I can think of. People who pay there hard earned money to have a good time should not be treated this way. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I will never forget this experience.

I would never treat my customers this way, it's not good business and it's unethical! The NYE party at Club was advertised 181 eddy street san francisco ca We get there at 9: We realize that even this early everyone is ordering at least two drinks each cause it takes so long to get a drink!

Finally our turn, bartender tells us he's out of club soda, coke, sprite, and all mixers! Are you F-ing kidding me? So we get vodka on the rocks, but wait, he's out of limes too! We stay down there for a while and had a good time. BUT where's the hor 'douevers? They never had any! DJ suddenly started counting down from There was a balloon drop, but dident seem like any had ""money"" in them as advertised.

The net for the balloons were hanging down afterwards for the rest of the night, trapping and trippn people! To top off the disapointments; there was never a raffel for the three trips that were advertised. I do not recomend clubnor will I ever go 181 eddy street san francisco ca. I was here three years ago and had a great time.

The crowd 181 eddy street san francisco ca good and so was the music. Went there a couple of weeks ago and wow! I felt so sick to my stomach that my friends had to be pay to get into this place. I wanted to give everyone their money back! They have no standards at this place. As long as you have teeth and 181 eddy street san francisco ca, you can get in. We were so disgusted by that sight that we had to leave - and we were there a whole 8 minutes.

Don't even waste your time - especially with their lame practice of making people wait in line along urine-soaked walls. I wouldn't even give this place half a star. Before going to a birthday party here I looked at the picture of this place online. I was impressed, it looked like a great time and maybe it could have been, but It started with a huge line and we got there at 181 eddy street san 181 eddy street san francisco ca ca Inside the staff is not better at all.

The bar tenders are rude and the patio managers are awful. On the up side the music is good and the decor was really cool, I 181 eddy street san francisco ca couldn't 181 eddy street san francisco ca off the rude people. Suite is a NO NO!! One star for the staff- they are pretty nice.

IF you must ignore me and my review and go anyway you must get on the guestlist so you can get in for free or you will not be a happy camper!!!

Really, you will need to shower as soon as you leave, grimey!!! Decided on this joint right here for my 21st cause my friends were reccomending it and I had quite the time, the women are gorgeous, mostly ;- the music is bumping and and I was definetly feeling it, takes a little long to get in so make sure to guest list yourself before you go, oh, and make sure to cab it, you really dont want to leave your car unsupervised in this area, must have seen two cars that had been broken into while I was stumbling out of there at the end of the night, lol, oh and go in a big group too, not just 2, 3 people.

Suite is so much fun, I went there to celebrate my friends 23rd birthday. I couldn't stop dancing because the dj's kept playing the best music and e crowd is super 181 eddy street san francisco ca. Bottle service is nice they have a comfy couches. The lines are fast if your on the guestlist, and the hostesses are nice. The drinks are average compared to any other club.

My 181 eddy street san francisco ca is the mixes the DJs play; always keeps the crowd dancing. I 181 eddy street san francisco ca recommend it. Suite One 8 One is one of 181 eddy street san francisco ca nicest, and coolest club to go to in the City.

They have a great VIP area upstairs and downstairs 181 eddy street san francisco ca bottle service.

Citadel SF. Not for me,...

If you are looking to go out with friends or your boyfriend and just dance the night away to good music by some of the best DJ's then you will LOVE this club! They are open until 4 am on Friday and Saturdays nights. The club is beautiful inside, the staff are friendly and helpful.

The djs are great, the play music you can actually dance to! The go-go dancers are gorgeous! People that come to the club are good looking, and a fun crowd! This place is disgusting! 181 eddy street san francisco ca you hid all your valuables in you car because there's a BIG chance it'll get broken into. The lines are long and filled with young kids or more like animals who don't know the difference between class and trash!

Believe me there were quite A LOT of them male and female that needed to be taken out to the dumpster. The place is filthy, old and musty. There are a couple that can actually mix a drink, and then there are the rest who TRY!

The downstairs is too crowded. DJ both is in a bad location. BARS are in a bad location. Overall this place needs a lot of help. NEW bartenders a must. Take note - your bouncers should actually look like they 181 eddy street san francisco ca handle a situation and not become one.

They can't even 181 eddy street san francisco ca a shot right.

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I order Hen I get Jack??? But this is the best I order 3 margaritas - I get 181 eddy street san francisco ca shots of Kettle. I've been here a couple of times and at first it was a 181 eddy street san francisco ca place with a nice crowd.

The last time I went it was completely obscene. Downstairs is a complete madhouse.

Eddy St San Francisco, CA...

You'll have to literally fight your 181 eddy street san francisco ca 181 eddy street san francisco ca the bar. The crowd is East Bay thug types, criminals, low-class You might not fit in. The enticing and classy website is far better than the club itself: This place used to be the place to see and be seen 3 years ago, now it is the stankiest, most ghettoest that's right I said ""most"" Ghetto""est""and uncivilized place ever!!! Everyone who comes here is bridge and tunnel, slightly unattractive, and very over-all sleazy.

They have gone down hill. Suite is in a bad 181 eddy street san francisco ca and parking is a pain. However, if you go with a group of friends, it isn't so bad running away from a group of homeless in the tenderloin. Music is great and there's always a diverse crowd of all different ages. I would recommend researching which promotion group is throwing the party that night.

I can't complain because I met my fiance there although I never imagined meeting a guy at a club. Having a party with friends was supposed to be enjoyable and memorable, unfortunately and ridiculous, the party has started with 181 181 eddy street san francisco ca street san francisco ca worst club we'd ever gone.

They will probably ask you to pay unreasonable dollars as 'Coat Check', yet tells you that it is not possible after you've paid. Bouncers or doormen were treating us with uncivil manner that we did not deserve. Not to mention that the people were rude, they had ruined my girlfriend's bachelorette party.

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