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Bookstore date dating divas road


You can also incorporate a picnic into your plans; just stop whenever you're tired and find a nice place to eat!

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If all you have time for is dinner, then that is better than nothing. You can even discuss some of my fun questions over dinner, to make conversation a little more interesting.

This library date night idea...

My husband and I went to dinner one night and then had Bookstore date dating divas road time to kill. I wonder if there is some kind of scavenger hunt ideas online".

Then this Bookstore Date is...

So I googled bookstore treasure hunt date and got inspiration from here and here. We were in the car and unable to print anything out from these websites, so I got out a pen and tore a piece of paper into strips and on each strip Bookstore date dating divas road wrote down something to search for.

Some from the past were...

Then we would draw one out of Bookstore date dating divas road cup and gave ourselves 5 minutes to find the item and then return to our meeting spot. It was a pretty good date for being on the spur of the moment, but I made it my goal to revise our game a little, fix the things that didn't work so well, find some new ideas to add to it and then try it again sometime.

One of the sites we used, only had you searching for certain words in a book like Poke, Nibble, Snatch which was hard and tedious by the way and even antidisestablishmentarianism. Would highly recommend this. We thought it was pretty funny. As I searched for more ideas, I Bookstore date dating divas road surprised to find so many other couples out Bookstore date dating divas road also having fun on a Bookstore Date!

Below, you will Bookstore date dating divas road the search Bookstore date dating divas road. Right click on it and save it to your computer, then you should be able to print it out and cut it Bookstore date dating divas road strips.

Fold in half and put in a ziplock bag that you can put in your purse and take with you. There are Bookstore date dating divas road levels that you can play this game:. This is good if you like to browse and take your time.

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Bookstore date dating divas road You will not get through all of the search items, but you can save them for another day. The person who wins the most rounds gets to choose where to go for dessert! The person with the most points gets to pick where to go for dessert!

I actually found several sites...

Just so you can remember and maybe purchase the book in the future. Posted by Elizabeth T at Newer Post Older Post Home.

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