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Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating


Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. She is the author of the books: She has numerous participations to national and international conferences. She has interdisciplinary academic Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating professional experience in these areas as reference and human complement her professional profile. Areas of interest are ethics, psychology and philosophy of law, but it must Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating stated that all of these concern Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating major issue Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating is moral conscience.

From memory to forgetfulness and anxiety. This event, which took place between December the 9th and 12th, It addressed the academic world and researchers in the field of humanities, bringing together Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating figures from 11 European universities as well as 20 universities and research institutes in Romania. The conference was divided into five sections: Subsumed to the same theme, but different and distinct from the perspective of the issues addressed and methods of exposure, the articles of this volume focus on topics related to social and political philosophy.

Major themes were highlighted regarding the main perspectives of democracy, the development of ideology, as well as the evaluation of concepts and ideas from the work of representatives of this field of philosophy. The volume also includes papers from the field of ethics, papers that address the justification of modes of behavior and action, which determine Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating practice of living Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating certain individual and social levels.

The authors of this chapter had in view the fundamental reporting of acts and moral actions to a specific social context. The Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating of scientific research and philosophical analysis brought together in this volume reveal the originality and depth, encouraging the exchange of ideas and the opportunity to shape a favorable, positive, response, to the problems of the human being. In this essay I have evaluated some of the ways in which the concept of information can be used in the discussion concerning communication in the public sphere.

I will tackle the post-structuralist and the information theory approaches to this topic, showing the limitations of both, with regards to the concept of information. At the end I will try to propose a perspective in which information can constitute a vital tool in the modular constitution of the public sphere.

Those who assert that the speculative positioning on the side of information entails the triumph of form over content which underestimates the importance of both communication and information theory in understanding a public sphere where informational dynamics takes the spotlight off of the production of meaning.

Meaning has not just dissipated in the information sphere but has actually multiplied and proliferated in the ever changing interfaces of the public sphere, giving birth to new classes, new Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating, sexualities, races etc.

It seems that there is a demand to adapt this proliferation and dispersion of meaning to a new dimension of the contemporary public sphere one that Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating no longer structured around encoding and decoding meaning and its Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating in social practices.

In this essay I will evaluate some of the ways in which the concept of information can be used in the discussion concerning communication in the public sphere. At the end I will try to propose a perspective in which information can constitute a vital tool in the modular constitution of public sphere.

Meaning production and information as an alibi The importance of information as an underlining force of Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating public sphere has constituted a recurring theme since the 60s. Philosophers, sociologists and economists, pertaining to different Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating and with different political beliefs, have tried to tackle the value of information, both as merchandise and as a mode of production.

While economists talk especially about the role of information in market dynamics, philosophers and sociologists frequently reject the importance of Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating as Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating definitive factor of social change.

Structuralism asserts that information is just a basic level of meaning, providing the minimum conditions for the emergence of social meaning. From this perspective, information is the level 0 of meaning, a minimum condition for its production.

For this theory to be valid, communication must be more than just an information transmission, it also involves cultural and social networks of meanings that can mobilize a whole system of cultural standards. The incessant mobilization of identities and recycled prejudices in the process of meaning production over-saturates the public sphere, by demanding a new, difficult but necessary way of relating and communicating with in this space.

Intervention in this information environment does not just mean production of counter-information, but it also means comprehension of the information dissemination dynamics opening new channels, cross-connections, informational guerrillas etc.

We have to deal with the interaction between the transformation of the means of production of meaning and the new forms of knowledge as well as power in the field on informational dynamics. The zone in Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating the political and social have suffered a mutation is that of the tactics and Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating through which information is communicated and filtered.

Each time a certain piece of information is communicated, a whole series of tactics and techniques is used and the Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating of meaning is just a partial objective of a larger campaign. The whole public sphere has become the object of a network of methods, tactics and strategies, answering to the hyper-management of public opinion.

It is not just another sophisticated method of public manipulation by a new race of social engineers that unconformable audiences or contradictory meanings may oppose.

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A clearer perspective on information and its dynamics is vital in understanding the conditions that demand a new adjustment to the public sphere; this is understood as an interaction between communication networks.

Information theory, from channel to information environment Information theory, especially in Claude E.

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Every time a piece of information is transmitted from a transmitter to a receiver, the issue of the channel arises; it is necessary that the information be transmitted as accurately as possible.

The communication channel does not have the Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating to recognize the existence or lack of meaning; it cannot interpret the message. Moreover, not every piece of information has meaning.

It is impossible to determine...

Given the fact that that a channel does not have the human ability to interpret meaning, a mathematical formula enables the channel to make the difference between information and noise.

For the Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating ear, information encoded in encrypted bits, sounds like whistles and noises the sound of the modem connecting to the Internet.

But still, when there is communication through a channel, that noise carries information too, a pattern or a frequency that can by encoded in a signal, which also can be encoded in what appears as a web page on the screen.

If we accept the information theory, there is no meaning but only statistical patterns and frequencies of signal-noise modulation. Shannon deals with the problem of modulating a signal with chances of survival, facing the effects of the noise that endangers any communication and Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating interferences and disturbances that threaten the transmission.

He asserts that the minimum conditions of communication be used. Before anything is communicated, a free channel is required, implying the suspension of an outside noise. A free channel is the basic condition of communication, Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating as the purpose of the communication is transmitting a message, regardless of the meaning.

There is no rhetoric but a minimal set of patterns which can reduce communication to the existence of a Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating channel. The purpose of Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating information flow is to establish a contact between the transmitter and receiver by excluding any interference. The transmitters and receivers are not in opposition.

As in dialectics, it is presumed Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating are on the same side. The appositive situation between transmitter and receiver is no longer a Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating but an objective, external one; the communicating parties both face something that takes the form of a noise that lacks meaning. Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating informational question has to do with a way of conceiving communication as an operational matter, dominated by the channels' imperatives and not by the exigency of meaning, by a truth ethics or rhetorical confrontation.

The information strategies take place in the instrumentalized environment of communication, reduced to its fundamental problem its minimum condition: The real issue here is more about the techniques and modes of knowledge and power which are intersecting through a variety of mediums and channels on the ground of the information society.

The attempt to control the communication with traditional methods is undermined by the publics' reactions and transmission channels continuously non-linear repositioning or simply by social entropy that contributes to a non-linear transmission of the messages.

This is one of Shannons' theory limitations. He builds his theory on a linear understanding of communication mirroring the technical configuration of the telecommunication industry at the time which implies a simple circuit that connects a transmitter to a receiver through a transmission channel, whose simplicity and lack of Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating allow for the easy reduction of noise and the neutralization of interferences.

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What does happen when communication is not linear, when information is not simply transmitted from point A to point B, but becomes a flow that travels freely between knots, suffers mutations, multiplies from channel to channel, from network to network?

What happens when we have to work with not just more than a channel or a collection of channels but with a ubiquitous informational environment? It's not difficult to observe that the way in which the public sphere is managed implies a fundamental concern for access to Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating and that the transmission techniques in the noisy environment of Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating communication have become extremely complex.

However, this does not solve the problem between the transmitter and the receiver. One could also object that this something to communicate which cannot be a simple pattern but, ultimately, it must be a way of representing reality. News is nothing but a certain representation of an event, transmitted to an audience.

Along the same lines, we could assert that information eventually obeys the laws of significance and understanding, in other words, it has a semantic Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating it is interpretable. This does not solve the problem of the relationship between information and reality. According to the post-structuralist approach to language, representation does not come from reality but from Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating representations, that is to say, from a web of signification patterns from which common perception of reality is born.

The public sphere is built through language, and it is unconceivable and inaccessible without it. Thereby, the concept of information brings about a radical change; as Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating configuration, it is connected to what it represents.

This concept is not specific only to communication theory but also to physics, natural science and cybernetics. Information is not just a simple representation but a compression technique of data which eases the interaction with the indetermination and the complexity of reality processes. The mathematical theory of communication implies the fact that, being statistical means, information is inherent in the physical reality but only as a measure of the irreducible uncertainty that characterizes the knowledge of physical states.

In a technical and scientific sense, information means the repre- sentation of a physical state, but it does not imply the existence of a simple resemblance relationship between that representation and the states such a piece of information describes. The relationship is built on terms that undermine the perspective in which representation is a copy of reality. Information theory confirms the fact that a state or a complex element of reality, Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating can be represented by a number or a description medium temperature, identitydoes not have a deterministic or linear relationship with the multiplicity of the microscopic states that define it particles and their speed, various singularities of one identity.

Information describes a distribution of probabilities or a series of parameters rather than an essential attribute that defines a being. Information theory solves the problem of this indetermination or noise through data compression. Similar to astronomy and physics, the technology of information is burdened with the distillation of numbers too big for human understanding.

They can be brought to the level of understanding by using a mathematical curve called natural logarithm. As a data compression technique, the information theory uses the logarithm to reduce uncertainty, which is nothing more than an effect caused by the magnitude of data produced by reality.

Thus, the logarithm imitates the functionality of human senses. Gender, race and sexuality are no longer treated Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating being the particular character of some static subjects, the observations of their micro-variations are recomposed on a modeling surface that moves in the rhythm of the public sphere's movements.

That does not make the identities, differences and representations become irrelevant or loose their power of identification or their function in the public sphere, it's just that their stale components are marked or neutralized Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating information technology. The informational dimension discloses the maelstrom of singularities or the individual essences, anomalies that go far beyond the postmodern game of identities and differences.

Information operates with rules other than those of Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating. The difference is no longer considered as relational and structural but marked by probability and uncertainty. It applies to the processes of a reality in discontinuous transformation. The concept of information Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating the dynamics of reality and the public sphere in their fluid and discontinuous character.

It demands a non- deterministic and non-reductionist understanding of the reality processes. Information cannot utterly define the processes of reality; it can only quantify some of the dimensions of the reality.

Representations, identities and meaning draw a veil over the game of singularities, communicating a type of information that Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating not as untrue as being extremely rudimentary, as if reversely redrawing the path from mythos to logos.

The concept of Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating does not offer to the analysis of public sphere a more gradated reenactment of the relationship between signs and reality flows but an immediate intuitive and pragmatical tool.

The noisy surface of communication and the proliferation of confusion, undermining and reconfiguring the public sphere asymmetrically, do not address a static, servile mass but a probabilistic public sphere, a discontinuous subject to a very rapid change.

The concept of information implies the existence of probabilistic and variable processes Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating cannot be represented but Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating and experimented.

Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating....

The relationship between informational dynamics and the communication in Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating public sphere had been initially masked by the predominance of the linear communication media in modernity and late-modernity.

We have the tendency to consider communication Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating something related to message information, meaning, representationtransmitted by a transmitter to a receiver through a channel.

We have reached a point where we give too much importance to the Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating images or representations of communication, as if information were just another name for ideas that flow from a panoptic center towards the periphery of a passive majority in a static public sphere.

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Moreover, not every piece of information has meaning. Two major causes that made the western aca- demic thinkers to make a big change of direction1 in the theory of demo- cracy could be taken into account: Some of them most of them lose, while others win. This is the reason why I believe that the deliberative theory defended by Rawls, with his view regarding the status of the principle of fairness, is superior to most of the contemporary deliberative models.

It addressed the academic world and researchers in the field of humanities, bringing together leading figures from 11 European universities as well as 20 universities and research institutes in Romania. Clover mobile app but there was little the beginning of a footy game, I realized that I am upfront and honest more. It also refers to a moral theory regarding the origins and lawfulness of the moral norms.

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Commento sul cyberbullismo yahoo dating

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