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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Our cover feature is a feisty look to the future, an expose of all that's fantastic in Italian house. With all this, plus the latest news, reviews, and essential clubbing facts, this scary new year doesn't seem so frightening after all.

Together, we'll get through it. One thing is puzzling me though: There really is one born every minute. This correspondence is now closed. What a fantastic idea! I wonder how you Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words that one up.

Your creative journalism of club culture never ceases to amaze. And that article on DJ Hell: J and C via e-mail Perhaps, but that sold about 13 copies. At least ours was funny. Critiquing Masters At Work on the Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words of their weight rather than their potent soul- house talent? Likening Oakey to an ape? And who on Earth are Hairy Butter? Yours in ire, Guy, Surrey Readers: Call our Gratuitous Abuse Hotline on and let us know.

Or e-mail us at muzik ipcmedia. Tony de Vit had recorded a 1 0-minute build up to midnight on NYE She was honoured that we were considering this piece of Tony's work to represent the past aspect of Trade and so we proceeded. We would Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words Ross Hayes got his facts straight before hurling wild accusations in the future.

From the picture of your editor onwards, all you print is dogs and grimmers- sort it out! We nearly lost our lunch when we saw those Russian geezers [Fizzarum - Ed. How about some more pictures of fit birds like that one out of Fused?

Lee Foster, Neil Gardner. Jeff Lorez, Matt McEwan. Mia Appelbrink 1 Sales exec. Rebecca Walters Senior group sales exec. Simon Philby 1 Group sales exec. Julia Lew EQ sales exec. Michael Kohn 1 Account exec. Muzik nay rot be sold for more than tne recommended cover price. With its built-in microphone, the options stretch to any sound you're capable of capturing.

JOHN DURDIN, Esa., 6, Hevrietta...

And you can change the ring whenever you want, wherever you are. Heavy with features, you can browse all kinds of WAP content, send and receive e-mails and have a hands-free conversation.

Meanwhile the Sony Jog-Dial brings you navigation at its swiftest and simplest. CMD-J5 takes mobiles a lot further.

Yet, at 85g, you' II find it travels light. Then someone comes along six months later and makes a cheesier version - like X-Press 2 at the moment.

Who is elton john hookup...

Underworld gave the label their first Top 20 smash. And though the emphasis has firmly remained on single releases, Underworld went on to sell over three million albums worldwide, paving the wayforacts like The Chemical Brothers. Imposing and empowering, the record refused to die. Bowing to increased public pressure, Junior reissued the Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words and watched as this uncompromising techno bruiser sold over half a million copies in England alone.

So in the face or such sense-shattering unit-shifting, Junior did the only thing they could: Recent releases have seen Who is Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words st john hookup tayo spoken words shift towards a more progressive slant, with cuts from Jersey Street and The Path exploring a tough yet soulful house sound.

Always influenced by our cousins in America, the attitude is street-smart yet admirably British. It appeals to US traditionalists as much as progressive DJs who are trying to get a bit more Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words. The reaction was phenomenal. We found him playing on a sofa pulling faces- and boy, can he sing.

Who is elton john hookup...

There's also some dark speaking on there for people to play over Siesta records! Then I heard him play it early on at the Miami Winter Conference and realised how fucking good that record is. The original is a big speech over a minimal loop but Pete takes it to a whole new place.

There are only 1 0 copies out there at the moment. Full-on big room dancefloor house. You can play an easy listening Subliminal record and come out into this, which is dark as you like. American house music is having a proper Afro-Renaissance. It's a bout time. They'd done loads of remixes [The Chemical Brothers and Underworld among them] but this was their first proper release: It was very important for us at the time because it was the first time an English label was getting props in places like New York and Chicago.

David Morales played it at Space for Kenny Ha wkes last summer and the cheer was unbelievable. Not to mention his records and the club's slipmats! All they Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words is play other people's records! And as anyone in the dance industry will tell you, Maria Hutt is not a woman to be messed with. But has he paid up yet? For the recordFelix gave a speech on the Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words of Brixton while Simon turned on the famous Peace Garden display.

Beats Posh and Becks any day Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words Next month, The Freestylers will be taking minutes at the council's regular waste disposal policy meeting.

Needless to say, he persevered - and true to her word, she 'outed' him live on airl A chick not to fuck with. Cowering under a glut of glitter, Sneak was forced Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words hold a record sleeve over his bonce while spinning over a confetti-covered mixing desk.

Hethoughtthatthefuzzinthe car park might want his autograph and approached them. Strangely enough, upon learning who he was, they were actually keener on arresting his sorry ass. That would be almost as bad as nicking your name off of some American hip hop producers. We blame the parents Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words for real.

Next month, Norman takes up badminton, adopts a macrobiotic diet and puts out a Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words album aimed at middle-aged former ravers. According to reports in the New York Post over the weekend, nearlytablets were discovered to be in the possession of the Brooklyn resident Charles Coppola. I'm doing backing vocals in Portuguese on that one! The entire haul was Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words to carry a street value of between 12 and 14 RADIO 1 have finally announced a date for Love Parade - but the city of choice is yet to be announced.

A spokesperson for the US Drug Enforcement Agency commented that the size of the seizure is further evidence of the increasingly widespread use of ecstacy use among American Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words. They're not the only artists in collaborative mode. Tenaglia ended his year spinning for the Vinyl faithful in New York. It's out on January 29th.

24 Ene AZ -...

In other compilation news, Circulation release their first-ever collection through Obsessive on February 5th. Recently they turned up to do the honours at Rex FM only to get stuck in the lift for five hours. The Martin Luther King sample has been fully cleared and the label are planning new remixes to accompany the original. Rest In Peace is perhaps not the most suitable epitaph for Vini Medley, who devoted much of his 29 years to making as much fine, bass-addled dance music as possible.

You're Getting To Be a...

His death under anaesthetic during surgery on November 16th is a human tragedy and a loss for those concerned with innovation in dance music.

Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words look out for new Positiva material from Fragma single and albumAurora single and albumSpiller single and album due in the summerMarc Et Claude single and Hypetraxx single.

A deep house dream, it's out next month. Finally, at Fabric, starting from February 3rd, X-Press 2 play four exclusive six-hour sets on six decks on the first Saturday of every month. A recruitment consultant from Portslade, 23 year-old Mike recently moved to Brighton from Leicester where he played in the back room at Bubblelove and Hot Dog. Great stuff- keep it coming! I think they were using me as a contrast in style Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words they usually feature big name DJs like Seb Fontaine Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words Judge Jules.

It was an interesting experience. I only felt really comfortable when they were filming me playing at Cream. Who is mia st john hookup tayo spoken words

Published sources indicate that the...

But it seemed to get me noticed. I don't even want to be an actor! But maybe a game show host, like Bruce Forsyth! Good game, good game! It was my first time at both those nights.

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