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If you were looking for the manga series commonly known by that name, you'll find it under GE - Good Ending. Multiple Endings are the most commonly seen form of Story Branching in video games, used primarily to increase Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity Replay Valueespecially visual novelsrole playing gamesSurvival Horrordating simsand fighting games.

Different strategies or levels of skill in play will result in different endings, rather than all leading to a single predetermined conclusion. Generally, multiple playthroughs are necessary to see all the content, and possibly to unravel certain mysteries.

Sometimes there are dual-optimal endings depending on which side the player chose to be Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity. These can include the Forces of Evil! The most diverse examples are found in Visual Novels and Dating Simsincluding Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity not limited to:.

Some Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity include truly "neutral" multiple ends, letting the player decide whether they're good or bad.

The major problem with Multiple Endings is that the sequel, should the developers decide to make one, obviously has to pick only one ending from which to continue the story — probably one of the good ones. This invariably occurs in adaptations to other media, such as novels, comics and television.

Video games have the technical means to solve said problem with an Old Save Bonuswherein the previous game's conclusion becomes the player's personal canon in the sequel. The other problem is that thanks to YouTube uploads, being able to view multiple endings no longer requires you to replay an entire Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity perhaps in response to this, many games now have in-game rewards for getting different endings.

Sometimes multiple endings require the player to do different actions or align themselves to different sides in order to see each ending, even if it means going against the main character's nature and goals to Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity it. This can make the story and characters look disjointed and confuse the player when they see the main character suddenly switching sides because of a few actions Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity did in a previous scene.

When done poorly, having multiple endings can cause the player to have more questions than feel like the story is really resolved. Occasionally, the Multiple Endings are also couched with a non-linear plot — in which case, it can become frustrating-verging-on-impossible to find any of the multiple endings, especially if there are multiple "threads" in the plot.

Multiple Endings are an effective way to avert Unstable Equilibrium. Instead of rewarding highly-skilled players with more power, reward them with less power, but give them a better ending if they can succeed. The opposite of Multiple Game Openings. Contrast with Morton's Fork. As with all Ending Tropesbeware Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity spoilers.

Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. But how about this? Cave Story has an obvious, early bad ending, triggered if you accept a character's offer to run away rather than stay to fight the Big Bad. Defeating the Big Bad gives a rather bittersweet standard ending where the threat to the world is averted, but the floating island crashes, killing everyone who was still in it.

But if you complete the sidequest to save Curly whose requirements are hard to figure out without a guide and very easily lostenter the Bonus Level Of Helland defeat the True Final Bossthen you get the good ending in which you save the island from crashing, and the Quirky Miniboss Squad finds redemption.

Also, for both the standard and good endings, the credits and the art that's displayed during them vary depending on your in-game accomplishments. The bad ending gets no credits. Though the basic 'ending' remains the same most of human civilisation is destroyed, though some humans surviveIji allows the player's Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity to influence whether any Tasen survive, whether Dan diesas well as defining aspects of the village shown in the ending credits.

With the update in March update, there are now two new endings. In the pacifist route, sparing Iosa will lead to her return to kill Iji and General Tor at the last moment. In the violent route, killing General Tor will reveal that the final battle was a Secret Test of Character and Iji had failed, causing the Kromato to carry through with the Alpha Strike and destroy the planet.

Castlevania games have a long history of multiple endings. In several games, an interesting variety is that the standard ending is the easiest one to get, the one that takes a bit of work is the Bad Ending, and the best and most difficult is the Golden Ending.

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Simon's QuestCastlevania: Harmony of Dissonanceand the Sorrow series used this. In the case of Simon's Questthe "standard" ending finish in days says unequivocally that Simon died, but hinted that a new hero would eventually carry on the fight against Dracula.

The "beginner" ending over 16 days, an extremely slow time says that the curse was destroyed, but hints strongly that the Belmont bloodline was as well, plus the screen is black and white. In the "best" ending under 8 daysthe curse is broken, and Simon survives and is hailed as a hero, but in the very last shotDracula's hand emerges from his grave.

Rondo of Blood has three different endings: Dracula X was an unusual case. There are three possible ending shots, one for failing to rescue Maria or Annette, one for rescuing only Maria, and one for rescuing both.

It is impossible to rescue only Annet; Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity you don't save Maria, the door leading to Annette will not open. No explanation has ever been offered for this. Others just have a bad ending and a good ending.

Usually, trying to get the good ending opens up another boss battle, if not more areas to explore. Sometimes the bad ending cuts the game off halfway. Symphony actually has two variants on the bad ending one where Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity don't even have what you need to truly resolve the plot, and one where you do but still manage to screw it up and two variants on the good ending one where you haven't explored the castle sufficiently, and the other where you have.

Apparently, there was supposed to be another Bad End for Symphonyjudging from some Dummied Out dialogue found by hacking the game, in which Maria would've been possessed by a demon.

Bloodlines had two segmented endings, one for each character, that got longer depending on difficulty. Dracula's Curse has four different endings, depending on whether Trevor fought Dracula alone or with one of his three companions. The endings with Trevor's companions basically tells what happens to them after defeating Dracula.

The credits sequence also changes after the second loop.

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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening will add a segment near the end that implies that Marin's wish to become a seagull and fly away from Koholint Island and, in turn, escape the Dream Apocalypse was fulfilled if you beat Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity game in a Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity Death Run.

Majora's Mask has a segmented ending, where the finale Cut Scene is split into ten short clips, each of which are unlocked by the possession of its respective mask. As such, the entire ending can only be seen if you get the corresponding ten masks. Failing to collect a specific mask instead shows Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity a picture of said mask rather than the scene, as the scenes are usually related to the things Link has to do in order to get them.

Spirit Tracks has three different endings, depending on Link's answer to Zelda's question Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity what he wants to become after the adventure, which the player has to choose before the final battle.

Choosing "Warrior" gives the player a scene where Zelda watches Link training in the countyard and apparently hurting himself in the process ; "Train Engineer" causes a similar scene, where Zelda watches him driving by the Castle and pulling the steam whistle.

When answering that he's not sure, Link apparently leaves Hyrule after the game, leaving Zelda behind with nothing but a picture showing the two Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity them on the Spirit Train.

Breath of the Wild ends with Zelda asking Link if he remembers her. If you have recovered all your memories prior to facing the Final Bossthere is a post-credits scene in which Link and Zelda are gearing up to travel across Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity and Zelda shares her plans on how they're going to rebuild the country.

Both are similar in context, but the special ending really has to be seen to be believed. The original Metroid is famous for its Reveal that Samus Is a Girlin which she takes off more of her suit if you finish the game more quickly, and all the sequels continue the tradition, in one fashion or another. The Metroid Prime Trilogy games have segmented endings based on completion percentage. Hunters has a standard pair of good and bad endings.

You get the bad ending if you beat the final boss without shooting the symbols on the wall; the ending shows the area exploding with Samus stuck inside, then the words "The End? If you're able to figure out what the cryptic messages throughout the game mean and use them during the final boss fight, there is a second part to the fight, and beating the boss there gets you the good ending where Samus escapes. Cubivore gives you a bad ending if you don't have a large enough number of mutations by the end of your first time through the Chicky chapter.

Web of Shadows has four possible endings based on your red suit-vs-black suit choices. If nearly all your decisions were red suit-influenced and Spider-Man chooses Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity Jane, Spidey ends up reunited with Mary Jane and New York begins to recover from the symbiote invasion.

If you chose mostly red suit decisions and chose Black Cat rather than Mary Jane, we see Spidey attempting to call Mary Jane to apologize. If almost all choices were black suit-influenced and Mary Jane was chosen, Spidey becomes ruler of the symbiotes and vows to get Mary Jane back by any Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity necessary.

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Meanwhile, Black Widow, now working with Kingpin and the Tinkerer, calls for a symbiote-controlled Wolverine to deal with Spidey. If nearly all choices were black suit-based and Black Cat was chosen, Spidey turns evil and rules the symbiotes with Black Cat at his side, rejecting the mantra of great responsibilities in the process. Phantom had over twenty endings, and while which one the player earned usually depended on obvious things like which option they took when given a story choice, there were a few cases of a determining factor being just which literal path they took Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity complete their objectives.

Almost all the endings involve death, destruction, and an invitation to the player to "Try Again". At the very end of Bastionthe Kid is given two choices of what to do with the fully restored Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity. If he chooses Restoration, the Bastion's primary function is triggered, and the world is reset to the way it was before the Calamity, in the hopes that things will go better this time around. If he chooses Evacuation, the Bastion triggers an emergency secondary function, and detonates all the Cores and Shards, turning the Bastion into an airship of sorts, with which the handful of survivors can leave the ruined Caeledonia behind and search for new lands.

In short, the gambit fails. Time is reset, but things don't change enough to prevent the Calamity from happening over again. Rucks exhibits a bit of deja vu, cementing the idea that they're stuck in a "Groundhog Day" Loopuntil one of the loops prevents the calamity, or ends with the Kid choosing Evacuation.

In addition, there is a choice at the very end of the last level that decides whether Zulf lives or dies. Depending on various factors enemies killed, money collected, choices madeTarosuke could either end up in heavenbe reincarnated as either a human or an animal, become a preta in other words, suffer extreme and eternal hungeror end up in hell. Steambot Chronicles has two endings, depending Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity a handful of key choices during the latter half of the game.

This is achieved by refusing to join the Bloody Mantis gang, or leaving the gang if you have already joined. Dandelion, the soft-spoken former violinist of the Garland Globetrotters, reveals himself as the leader of the Bloody Mantis, founding the criminal organization to exact revenge against a technology-dependent society for the death of his younger brother Chicory. After being defeated by Vanilla, he ponders the applications of the flying Trotmobile that had scuttled his airship, until the figurehead leader of the gang shoots and kills his second-in-command and friend, Savory.

Realizing the wrong he committed, he willingly surrenders himself to the authorities.

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In the Playable Epiloguethe player can learn that he was executed during the interim. This is achieved by joining the Bloody Mantis, and his two variants: In either case, the Playable Epilogue Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity with Vanilla in jail, having been arrested and imprisoned for a year.

Rockman Exhaust has two endings by mistake. Beating the final boss normally has the game reset after Wily starts begging. Entering an Adult swim dating a gamer memes i will have prosperity boss gate during the fight, however, leads you to a Minus World version of the fight with a glitched boss that stays on the right side of the screen.

Killing this boss leads to another ending where Mega Man falls through the floor presumably due to a programming errorand the projector simply falls endlessly.

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