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Dating a cop reddit videos


Upon declaring he wants a divorce and is Dating a cop reddit videos the kids, the wife stabs and kills the kids aged 7 and 3. This all stemmed from a Reddit post where he asked for advice on how to proceed, fairly standard situation by most standards, but his wife reacted in a way nobody ever thought would happen. Before he fled he wrote Dating a cop reddit videos what he was thinking prior to anyone knowing he murdered his girlfriend. By the time i read his post he was wanted for Dating a cop reddit videos. It was really sick reading his confession written right after such a horrific crime as he tried to rationalize it Dating a cop reddit videos himself and the broader reddit community.

She got tipped off by the sounds of Dating a cop reddit videos clicking, and then, Dating a cop reddit videos, someone talking to her while she was sleeping. Her posture and fear in her face told the story all too well. He asks her to look in the basement and by a stroke of luck or genius she is able to escape. Cops find a tripwire on the basement stairs and homemade torture devices in the basement.

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Oh, and the room he slept in was covered in porn pictures. What he saw was Dating a cop reddit videos a cop reddit videos man running up, throwing his body at the front door like a lifeless rag doll. Police were called and it turned out to be a random drug addict.

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But man, I could never get that visual out of my head. That one fucks me up. Another redditor edited the video, and in a particularly dark corner of the house, when brightened, you can see a very large man watchig him probably 3ft away. When she found a camera hidden she went to the apartment management and upon returning someone had come in Dating a cop reddit videos visibly collected all the cameras around the apartment in Dating a cop reddit videos hurry.

When she pressed her friend about why she did t, the girl said she sacrificed Dating a cop reddit videos dog so that OP could do well on her test. The post got taken down, I tried to find updates, but no one seemed to recall it.

But it really creeped me out. So basically a family was on a roadtrip and they were driving on a countryside road at night when they saw a person with a broken car signalling them to stop. But the dad who was driving had a gut feeling something was wrong and kept driving. After they drove away from the scene the kids or the wife not sure looked back and saw a group of people rising from the field where Dating a cop reddit videos were hiding.

That got me hooked on creepy reddit stories. The thought of what might have happened if they stopped was just terrifying. He would be crawling and go down these turns and see trash and bodies but in the nightmare he could never make it to the final turn at the end because fear or something woke him up.

He never Dating a cop reddit videos out what was at the end and he ends up leaving. Well it turns out that another Redditor recognized that cave by name and his friend knows about the same cave. His friend loves cave exploring but he refuses to speak Dating a cop reddit videos that cave.

It makes me wonder what was at the end of that cave. When he was a boy with his mom there was some old man, and he started whistling a strange tune, only like 3 notes, in a repeating pattern. His Dating a cop reddit videos freaked out and they left, few years later, I think he said he was in the woods and heard it again, and immediately ran home. Fast forward to his adult years, a few states away, him and his girlfriend were at a 4th of July Dating a cop reddit videos, but they were kind of alone away from everybody on the river bank.

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Girlfriend left to get some beer from the truck, and then someone in a canoe came paddling down the river, whistling the exact same tune. Years later, across the country. Guy had a video of it, and it just made everything creepier.

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He was begging in the comments for a way to get money and said he had no way to Dating a cop reddit videos, and the account just went dead. Saw it once and it shot daggers up my spine. During that night, she woke up to some noises and she saw the clerk and some other guys going into her room and closing the door behind them.

The guys came a check the car where she was able to hid under her mount of dirty clothes and partially tinted windows. Reading that story really creep me out, and anger me, my blood boiled thinking what if those guys was not the first time doing that. Still terrifies me to this day, and it was like 5 years ago. He threatened suicide but had another account.

I have no idea what happened to the other Dating a cop reddit videos. I hope someone out there has a mirror. Said camper was taking film pictures, only to get them developed and discover that Dating a cop reddit videos had taken his camera and taken photos of him sleeping from far Dating a cop reddit videos. Well, from that she turned into a full-bore stalker, breaking into his apartment Dating a cop reddit videos surprising him virtually nude, propositioning both the OP and his GF, tracking OP down at his new apartment after he moved…full blown batshit crazy with several arrests mixed in.

OP moves several states away, things quiet down. His now ex-GF contacts him years later, apparently Dating a Dating a cop reddit videos reddit videos girl showed up at her work demanding info on OP and security was forced to intervene. At some point, I forget when, batshit also masquerades as her Dating a cop reddit videos therapist trying to contact OP on Facebook.

He ignores, of course. Dating a cop reddit videos, batshit is found dead at the bottom of a canyon or something months after the fact. An innocent encounter became nearly a decade of obsession. The cover and theme for my newest book was inspired by the concept of kintsugi. All that is dark or cracked within us has the capacity to be fixed, to be filled with light.

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