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Zayn malik dating facts


When Harry has his star tattoo done on his arm, ink veteran Zayn held his hand! Cheryl Zayn malik dating facts what she would need for a Girls Aloud reunion…. Giovanni Pernice posts video after intimate photo with Faye ….

Vicky Pattison marks first birthday without best friend Paul…. Is Justin Bieber married? Hailey Baldwin just changed her su…. Katie Price urges ex Dwight Yorke to get in touch with their…. How many do you know?! Published on 13 12 Zayn was brought up in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Zayn fancies the pants off Megan Fox and has a secret man crush on Justin Timberlake.

Despite this he likes sharks Zayn malik dating facts especially hammerheads! When he had progressed further it was shown retrospectively Zayn malik dating facts spinoff The Xtra Factor. Rebecca is six years older than Zayn. Zayn has three sisters but no brothers.

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Zayn is addicted to cigarettes and desperately wants to give up. He said at the start of I need to do it. Zayn is currently dating Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards. They publicly announced their relationship in May He Zayn malik dating facts The Sun: Until we got to America, we didn't realise Zayn malik dating facts crazy it was.

Zayn has a bizarre pre-gig superstition — he always brushes his teeth before getting on stage. Just like Harry Styles, Zayn is a cat lover. His favourite animal is a lion. As of 13th July he has 4, followers. The most recent is a life-size microphone on his right forearm that he had done in Los Angeles in June In June this Zayn malik dating facts Zayn sprained his wrist while working out and was forced to wear a bandage onstage Zayn malik dating facts Las Vegas.

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Harry tweeted at the time: Zayn loves posing topless! Fortunately, the legendary Simon Cowell talked Zayn malik dating Zayn malik dating facts round and Zayn went on to wow the judges.

Zayn originally applied to be on the series of The X Factor but pulled out before auditions due to nerves. One of his pet hates is people chewing loudly with their mouth open. His mum Tricia said to the Daily Record: She was one of triplets and Zayn malik dating facts kind of dated all three of them. Zayn lists as intelligence as the most important thing he looks for in a girl. In earlyZayn was the butt of a hilarious prank Zayn malik dating facts by Harry.

Just like Harry, the one artist Zayn would love to collaborate with is Bruno Mars. Zayn malik dating facts thinks that Justin Bieber is cute! Despite being known for his trademark quiff, Zayn is quite keen to shave off his hair. In fact, in June he was close to shaving it off but only changed his mind when his millions of Twitter followers Zayn malik dating facts him out of it. We haven't been approached for that yet. If we do get approached I'm sure we'll try and Zayn malik dating facts out that we're all sitting in one chair, yeah.

Zayn was left speechless when a female fan fainted when she met him. He commented to We Love Pop: The one object Zayn would take with him to a desert island is a huge container Zayn malik dating facts of Zayn malik dating facts. If Zayn could have dinner with anyone dead or alive it would be Michael Jackson.

When he gets bored on the tour bus, Zayn keeps himself entertained by playing the Nintendo 3DS game console. In a Zayn malik dating facts interview, he explained: When Zayn was younger he used to collect comic books. Zayn says he never lies about his girlfriends Zayn malik dating facts past relationships. He told Top of the Pops Magazine: If Zayn had to wear one colour for the rest of his life it would be black. According to Harry, Zayn has kissed the most One Direction fans.

Despite pictures on the internet, Zayn denies that him and Harry have Zayn malik dating facts on stage.

Putting it down to good Photoshopping skills, Zayn said: Zayn sometimes gets fed up of staying in hotels. Zayn follows people on Twitter as of 13th July. Just like his 1D bandmates, Zayn can play a musical instrument - the triangle! Zayn malik dating facts fact, one of his most famous quotes is: Asked if he ever has nightmares, Zayn said that when he was eight he had a pretty weird one.

Apart from performing live, Zayn says that his favourite part of touring is being on the tour bus!! Zayn splits his fans into three categories. In spring Zayn got a new tattoo saying: Zayn wants to get married before the age of Zayn admits he was a bit of a handful for his parents when he was younger.

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Even in the house my mum used to put me in my pram because I was so full-on. As of 13th July At school, Zayn starred as one of the ultra-cool, leather clad T-Birds in a production of Grease. Zayn malik dating facts reveals what she would need for a Girls Aloud reunion… Celebrity News 1 hour ago.

Giovanni Pernice posts video after intimate Zayn malik dating facts with Faye … Celebrity News 1 hour ago. Vicky Pattison marks first birthday without Zayn malik dating facts friend Paul… Celebrity News 2 hours ago.

Hailey Baldwin just changed her su… Celebrity News 4 hours ago. Hits Party with Dave Kelly: No Drama - James Hype ft. Craig David The Middle - Zedd ft. Calvin Harris Moves - Olly Murs ft. Stations near me All Stations.

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