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Environmental and socioeconomic assessment of impacts by mining activities-a case study in the Certej River catchment, Western CarpathiansRomania. In the region Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating the Apuseni Mountains, part of the Western Carpathians in Romaniametal mining activities have a long-standing tradition. These mining Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating created a clearly beneficial economic development in the region.

But their activities also caused impairments to the Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating, such as acid mine drainage AMD resulting in long-lasting heavy metal pollution of waters and sediments.

The study, established in the context of the ESTROM Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating, investigated the Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating of metal mining activities both from environmental and socioeconomic perspectives and tried to incorporate the results of the two approaches into an integrated proposition for mitigation of mining-related issues. The small Certej catchment, situated in the Southern Apuseni Mountains, Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating an area of 78 km 2.

About 4, inhabitants are Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating in the basin, in which metal mining was the main economic sector. An open pit and several abandoned underground mines are producing heavy metal-loaded acidic water that is discharged untreated into the main river. The solid wastes of mineral processing plants were deposited in several dumps and tailings impoundment embodying the acidic water-producing mineral pyrite.

The natural science team collected samples from surface waters, drinking water from dug wells and from groundwater. Filtered and total heavy metals, both after enrichment, and major cations were analysed by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectroscopy ICP-OES. Major anions in waters, measured by ion chromatography, alkalinity and acidity were determined by titration.

Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating samples were taken from river sediments and from the largest tailings dam. The latter were characterised by X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction. Heavy metals in sediments were analysed after digestion.

Simultaneously, the socioeconomic team performed a household survey to evaluate the perception of people related to the river and drinking water pollution by way of a logistic regression analysis.

Miocene tuffs of calcalkaline composition are widespread in the CarpathiansPannonian and Eastern Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating realm.

Their occurrences are described in outcrops as well as in the subsurface. The presence of such tuffs may offer important criteria for stratigraphic correlations and help to establish the absolute age of deposits and Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating climatic and environmental changes. From bottom to top the section is composed of: XRD investigations of the green Slanic tuff show that the main mineralogical component is clinoptilolite zeolite followed by quartz and plagioclase.

For this type of tuff there is no crystalline phase, which may be used for radiometric dating. In the middle part of the Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating tuff interval, we found discrete layers of a much coarser white tuff, with mineralogy consisting of quartz, plagioclase, biotite and clinoptilolite.

The white tuff forming distinct layers within the green tuff, has an andesitic composition. We consider that the age is well constraining the time when the green tuffs were formed at the border of the basin. From this level upwards discrete gypsum Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating occurs within the green tuffs, the age may be considered as indicating the base of the evaporitic sequence.

To the south-east, from this level upwards evaporites, mainly salt formed. The age suggests that evaporitic deposits formed after the Mid Badenian climatic optimum, evaporitic formation being related to restricted circulation due the drop of sea. Concerns about current and prospective environmental change have increased the interest in past Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating variability and its impact on the Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating and Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating society.

Acting Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating high-resolution terrestrial archives, lacustrine sediments are the result of the complex interaction between internal and external forcing and an important tool in efforts to resolve questions related to Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental conditions of the recent past. Here we discuss a new, high-resolution Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating record from the Romanian Carpathians central-eastern Europe.

More specifically, we discuss: The sedimentary record can be divided into Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating phases based on alternating high and low detrital fluxes, oscillating lacustrine productivity and redox conditions. These events are reflected in most of the parameters and Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating. The Moesian Platform Assessment Unit, contained within the Moesian Platform Composite Total Petroleum Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating, is composed of Mesozoic and Cenozoic rocks within the Moesian platform region of southern Romania and northern Bulgaria and also within the Birlad depression in the northeastern platform area.

In Romaniahydrocarbon sources Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating identified as carbonate rocks and bituminous claystones within the Middle Devonian, Middle Jurassic, Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating Cretaceous, and Neogene stratigraphic sequences. In the Birlad depression, Neogene pelitic strata have the best potential for generating hydrocarbons. In Bulgaria, Middle and Upper Jurassic shales are the most probable hydrocarbon sources.

Source rocks are interpreted to be Oligocene dysodile schist and black claystone, along with Miocene black claystone and marls. This zone lies between the Rimnicu Sarat Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating Dinibovita valleys and between the folds of the Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating Carpathian Mountains and the external flanks of the Carpathian foredeep. The Oligocene Dysodile Schist is considered the main hydrocarbon source rock and Neogene black marls and claystones are likely secondary sources; all are thought to be at their maximum.

Tectonic setting and hydrocarbon habitat of external Carpathian basins in Romania. During the Alpine evolution of Romaniatwo distinct depositional areas evolved in the external zones of the Carpathians: Both basins were compressionally deformed during the Neogene, giving rise to the development of a succession of nappes and thrust sheets.

Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating internal elements of the external Carpathians corresponding to the Tarcau and marginal folds nappes and the external elements forming the sub- carpathian nappe and foredeep were thrusted over significant distances onto the European platform.

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Reservoirs are provided by Oligocene, Burdigalian, Sarmatian, and Pliocene clastic rocks. A prolific hydrocarbon charge is derived from regionally distributed Oligocene oil source rocks. Rectas Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating yahoo dating are mainly of the structural type and involve faulted anticlines, [open quotes]scale folds,[close quotes] and compressional structures modified Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating salt; stratigraphic pinch-out and unconformity related traps play a secondary role.

On the basis of selected examples, the development and distribution Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating hydrocarbon pools will be discussed in terms of thrust kinematics and the structure of different platform blocks. The philosophy of past exploration activities will be reviewed, and both success cases and failures Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating be discussed.

Remaining oil and gas plays, aimed at shallow as well as at deep objectives, will be highlighted. Alternatives for the source of the exotic green clasts from Moldavian Nappes East CarpathiansRomania. Important segment of the Carpathian chain, the East Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating consists of several tectonic units build up during the Mesozoic and Cenozoic Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating of the Tethyan Ocean.

These tectonic units are composed by crystalline basements and sedimentary covers, or only by sedimentary piles and they represent a result of two compressional phases of Alpine orogenesis: The Moldavian Nappes consist of cover nappes tectonically detached from the basement upon which it was Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating. From inside towards outside several units occur: If the internal units up to Audia Nappe are represented by the Cretaceous sediment piles, in the external units, especially in the Tarcau Nappe and also in the Marginal Folds Nappe the lithology is dominated by the Paleogene deposits, especially by the Oligocene formations.

The most particular for these units are the presence of heterogeneous composition induced by the wildflysch type sedimentation.

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Previous researchers have considered the piles of the both units as flyschoid deposits, and for a minor central part Slon Facies they accepted a wildflysch scenario. Based on our field studies between Prahova valley Romania and Tisa upper stream basin Ukrainethe different sedimentary strata the Oligocene Tarcau, Fusaru, Kliwa sandstones, dysodilic and menilitic rocks, polymictic conglomerates, marls and argillaceous deposits together with Upper Cretaceous polymictic conglomerates and green-reddish argillaceous deposits are tectonically mixed during the late-Oligocene - Middle Miocene events.

Detection of Cercopithifilaria bainae in western Romania. Cercopithifilaria species are tick-transmitted filarial parasites of mammals. In Europe, three Cercopithifilaria spp. In RomaniaRectas perpendiculares yahoo dating bainae has been reported in a single dog in eastern Romania but the occurrence in other parts of the country is not known. To Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating elucidate the geographic distribution of Cercopithifilaria spp.

The presence of Cercopithifilaria spp. A single Dermacentor reticulatus female tick was found to be infected with Cercopithifilaria bainae.

However, the single detection does suggest that Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating is rather uncommon in Romanian dogs. Nevertheless, further studies on Cercopithifilaria spp. The inner part of the Carpathians in Romania belongs to the Carpathians -Pannonian system bordered by the Eastern Carpathians to the north and east, Southern Carpathians to the south and Pannonian Basin to the west.

It is a complex tectonic region Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating differential folding mechanisms, post-collisional kinematics, rheology and thermal properties, including Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating its area the Apuseni Mountains and the Transylvanian Basin.

The purpose of this study is to map the 3-D structure of the crust over this region on the basis of local earthquake data. In addition, 25 stations deployed in the eastern Hungary and Serbia was considered. The lateral variations of the crustal properties as resulted from the tomography image are interpreted in correlation with the station corrections estimated by JHD algorithm and with the post-collisional evolution of the Carpathians -Pannonian system.

Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating characteristics of the background seismic noise recorded at the SCP broadband seismic network have been studied in order to identify the variations in background seismic noise as a function of time of day, season, and particular conditions at the Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating. Power spectral densities PSDs and their corresponding probability density functions PDFs are used to characterize the background seismic noise.

The seasonal variations are seen in the microseisms band. The noise levels increase during the winter and autumn months and decrease Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating summer and spring seasons, while the double-frequency peak shifts from lower periods in summer to longer periods in winter. The analysis of the probability density functions for stations located in different Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating conditions points out that the noise level is higher for stations sited on softer formations than those sited on hard rocks.

Finally, the polarization Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating indicates that the main sources of secondary microseisms are found in the Mediterranean Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating and Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating Ocean.

Dragsan and Lainici-Paius groups represent the basement components of the Danubian Alpine units South CarpathiansRomaniawhich consist of medium-grade metamorphic rocks. A Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating system of dykes i. The geochemical features, frame the MDS components within a wide range of petrotypes basaltic Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating to rhyolitesand define a wide differentiation series. Classically this subvolcanic system was inferred to be in connection to a unique mantle source [1], however, recent studies [2,3] suggest a mixed mantle-crust source, based on the interpretation of the trace elements in conjunction with Sr and Nd isotope data.

Aditionally, the presence of relict zircon grains consolidates this assumption. The distribution patterns reveal two groups of samples. We can assume a stronger Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating of plagioclase as well as of garnet and amphibole for the second group.

With a flatter pattern, for the first group of samples, the fractionation of these minerals appears to be moderate. The emplacement age of MDS has been long Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating, since it was supposed as pre-Silurian for a long time. Owing to the croscutting relationships with the post-colisional granitoid Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating emplaced in the Danubian basement during the late Variscan, and based on.

Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in Western Rectas perpendiculares yahoo Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating Toxoplasma gondii is an obligate Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating parasite Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating most commonly causes asymptomatic infection in immunocompetent hosts, but can have devastating consequences in congenitally infected infants and immunocompromised patients.

We evaluated the seroprevalence of T. Sera Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating individuals were analysed with the Pastorex Toxo test, which allows the simultaneous detection of T. Microbiological investigation of methane- and hydrocarbon-discharging mud volcanoes in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania. Paclele Mici is a terrestrial mud volcano field located in the Carpathian Mountains Romaniawhere thermal alteration of sedimentary organic compounds leads to methane, higher hydrocarbons and other Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating compounds that are continuously released into the environment.

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The hydrocarbons represent potential substrates for microorganisms. We studied lipid biomarkers, stable isotope ratios, the effect of substrate methane, other organic compounds addition and 16S rRNA genes to gain insights into the hitherto unknown microbial community at this site. Quantitative real-time Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating chain reaction Rectas perpendiculares yahoo dating demonstrated that bacteria were much more abundant than archaea.

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